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Kristen - Running

Welcome to my portfolio site! My name is Kristen Piatak and thank you for visiting.  I am a web developer, a runner and a lover of the outdoors.

I have been in the web field since my junior year of high school when I was selected to participate in a two year college tech prep course called Interactive Media. In those two years I learned about web, graphic design, photography and video shooting/editing.

From there I took those skills to Bowling Green State University. My major was Visual Communication Technology with focuses in web and print media. During my major I participated in a couple of co-ops, one of which was with the Marketing and Communication at  Bowling Green State University. In that role I would change and edit sites within their CMS, as well as create the HTML e-mails to be sent across campus. I grew a great love for web designing while I was there. 

After graduation I continued with web design. From there I learned more about web designing and developing with every position and project I have worked on. In my most current role I am a Front End Web Developer. I am constantly learning more and more and always excited to keep on furthering my knowledge. 

Web development is a passion of mine and I intend to always keep up with the latest technologies. I am a hard worker who always strives to complete projects at my best.